About the Filmmaker:
I'm a volunteer who works with the crew of the 4449 steam locomotive to create videos for the sole purpose of raising money to help build a new home for the 4449 and the other locomotives residing at the Brooklyn Roundhouse in Portland Oregon. These locomotives are currently facing eviction from Union Pacific owned property. Without a location to perform maintenance and repairs, it is likely that these locomotives will not run again in the future.

I started coming to Portland and working with the crew back in 2002. Since then, I've gathered some unique, exclusive and exciting experiences that really "screamed" to be shared with other train fans. These DVDs represent my personal stories with the crew that can give you an inside perspective on both the locomotives and the people who care enough to maintain and run them.

About the Videos:

A Holiday Express Tale

The first video, Holiday express was like a real life "Rocky" movie - where everything is going great for the hero, until that one day when it all comes crashing down. Our hero is then challenged to believe in himself in order to overcome the adversity to once again be on top. That's what the holiday express felt like to me - things where going great - all rides were pre-sold out, and then on the second day, tragedy struck - both 400 ton steam locomotives derailed. It was an inspirational experience to see how the crew and the community rallied together to get the locomotives back up and running again in time to save the event. I was there the whole time and had exclusive access as the event unfolded. It was a great story of spirit and strength that i definitely wanted to share with others.

Below is a small sample of a bonus feature included on the DVD. This feature will allow you to ride the 4449 from the Brooklyn roundhouse to Portland's Union Station from either a view from the cab roof or from a view down by the wheels and rods. You can switch these views interactively at any time by hitting the "angle" button on your DVD player remote.

Daylight Pace Car

The second video, Daylight Pace Car was my experience in becoming a "Train Chaser". Train Chasers are people who seem to "go all out" in order to chase a moving train with a car. I spotted these people on a trip to Montana and thought, "wow these guys are crazy" - weaving in and out of traffic just to keep pace with the train. Durango is a crew member and is famous for being a notorious train chaser. He was so hardcore, he once chased a train on wheel rims after his tires had blown out while chasing after a train on a dirt road. Going on a train chase with Durango driving was like chasing tornadoes in the movie "Twister". This was another experience that I wanted to share with others. We got so good at chasing the train, we even got a nickname - the Daylight Pace car...

Below is a small sample of a bonus feature included on the DVD. This special feature allows a viewer to do their own chase - you can switch between 3 different camera views by hitting the "angle" button on your DVD player remote (loco cab view, loco wheel/drivers view, and chase car view).

Daylight Pace Car 2: Airborne

The newest video to be released this spring is called DaylightPace Car 2:Airborne. This is a follow-up to the first Daylight Pace Car and takes train chasing to a new level by chasing the train with a helicopter. I go through the whole experience of what it's like to prepare and then to actually chase a train from the air. There were times we were moving sideways at 90 mph. It's a wild ride and you'll be able to get a near first hand look. This DVD will also include a bonus feature - Create-a-Copter-Chase. You'll be able to interactively switch between the chase helicopter view, the locomotive view, or the rear ovservation car view.

Want more Info?
I primarily make these DVD's for the Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation and the friends of the 4449 to be sold only during their events such as the Holiday Express. However, if you can't make it to the event or you are interested in purchasing a DVD, please hit the contact button and I'll see if i we can work something out.

Note: All videos were originally filmed in High Definition - 1080i, if enough people are interested, I can manufacture an order on Blu-ray or HD-DVD...

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Note: All videos were originally filmed in High Definition - 1080i, if enough people are interested, I can manufacture an order on Blu-ray or HD-DVD...

Want to Help?
Again, the big point of all of this is to help fund the development of a new home for the 4449 as well as the other locomotives which are being evicted from their home in the Brooklyn Roundhouse.

Why Donate? - Doyle McCormack excerpt and extended Daylight Pacecar preview
We need as much help as we can get! There are several different ways that you can help us...

1. Goto The Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation and make a direct donation.
2. Goto to the Holiday Express Event and buy a ticket for a fun train ride behind a working steam locomotive.
3. Buy one of the DVDs listed here - a portion of the proceedings will go to the Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation to help fund the development of a new home.
4. Send or post or share this link or a link to any of your favorite videos above to friends, message boards, email,etc...
Every unique view of these videos raises alittle bit of us reach millions of people!
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